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There shall be words and there shall be pictures…

  1. In November, I read Andy Miller’s The Year of Reading Dangerously. Normally I love books about books, or about how (and why) people read. Most of them are characterised by a passion that I understand and share; the warm glow of the kindred spirit. But somehow not this one. And while I was wasting time puzzling to myself over why I just didn’t really like this book and how I could put that into words, one of my favourite book bloggers – Victoria at Tales From the Reading Room – did it for me. She has relieved me of the task of writing about this book because I couldn’t possibly better her review.
  2. Are you an early bird like Murakami or a stay-a-bed like Joyce?
  3. On Christmas Day, my family Secret Santa (thank you Dad!) brought me my first ever Persephone. It is a thing of beauty and no doubt will be a joy forever. A Persephone is for life, not just for Christmas.
  4. Until recently, I had never heard of the wonderful story of Kit Williams and Masquerade. Now thanks to DoveGreyReader, I am enlightened and simultaneously reminded of the many reasons why her blog is essential reading.
  5. The British Library has a fantastic website, which I have only just stumbled across. In one place, I can walk the landscape of Wuthering Heights, view the complete (and uncensored!) illustration plates created by Aubrey Beardsley for Oscar Wilde’s Salome and read Alice’s Adventures Underground, the original hand-written manuscript version of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.