Susan Hill – A Kind Man

8675328I recently finished this poignant little novella and thought it was worth a note in the interwebs. I do love Hill’s writing; the elegance and clarity of her style makes everything flow so beautifully. And it really came to the fore in this book, which reads almost like a fable. The story of Tommy Carr – the kind man of the title – and his wife Eve is about love and grief and loss, all the big things in life yet again. But Hill takes the reader down an unexpected path part way through the book when Tommy becomes ill. What happens to him next is surprising, thought-provoking and heartfelt. For a small book, it has some very large things to say about human nature.

It’s dawned on me recently that I’ve started reading in chunks, by which I mean fixing on a reading experience that I’ve enjoyed and seeking it out a few more times before moving on. I’m doing it with Hill’s writing at the moment (having just picked up a copy of her book Family from a Nat Trust bookshop) and I’m also doing it with harrowing books written by doctors about medical dilemmas and the impact of ethical decisions. More on that anon, but be warned, it’s not cheery…


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