Literary linking – a special edition


The removals men are in as I type and my breath is bated in anticipation of picking up the keys to the new house tomorrow. After 7 long months I’m so looking forward to a little bit of normality. And some more books! Annoyingly I had to return a batch of library books with a couple only part read so I’ll be joining the Worcestershire libraries post haste in order to crack on with Mary Wesley’s A Sensible Life and Amy Sackville’s Orkney.

A slightly unusual Literary Linking today in honour of the power of words to offer balm, comfort, inspiration, counsel & wisdom at just the right moment. My tiny world has been unusually tumultuous for a little while now and the wider world has felt darker and scarier over these last few weeks. It’s at times like these that I’m so grateful for the power of words and the voices that find you when you’re most in need. Two writers’ words have recently been offering more than the usual solace and I wanted to give them a little shout out here. I hesitate to prescribe that anything ‘must’ be read but I feel that these are exceptions.

  1. Linked here before, Victoria over at Tales from the Reading Room is one of the most reasoned, intelligent and level-headed writers I’ve ever encountered. Her recent pieces on Brexit and the moral morass of our contemporary society made me feel hopeful that we weren’t all doomed after all. Not while such counterbalance exists anyway. I did that dreadful thing whereby I made people I know and love read these pieces while hovering over them making ‘You see???’ eyes. I know they were grateful for it…
  2. A new discovery is writer, artist and editor Terri Windling’s blog Myth & Moor, which I’ve been binge-reading recently. Two pieces that really resonated were this piece on the subtleties of re-reading and this piece on the language of moving.

Thank you ladies for the words.


One thought on “Literary linking – a special edition

  1. I hope your move has gone well! Good luck with settling in.

    Tales from the Reading Room and Myth & Moor are two of my favourites too. 🙂 Very wise women.


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