Literary Linking #5


As a way of easing into 2016 (I’m currently ignoring the fact that it’s already – somehow – the 17th January), here are some literary oddments picked up online:

  1. I loved this list from The Toast, first spotted over on Cornflower Books (where many of the best things can be found).
  2. Some of Virginia Woolf’s works are now available on Project Gutenberg.
  3. If you’re of a mind to look back over 2015, the Guardian published a good list of the best titles brought out last year (in their opinion, of course – anyone have any thoughts on books they might have missed?).
  4. If you’re still umming and aahing over 2016 resolutions (or have already attempted some only to crash and burn), then One Little Word might be for you. I’ve found this a really helpful approach in previous years when I’m looking for direction, rather than a long list of impossible goals.
  5. For laughs aplenty, a blog to follow: Hark, a vagrant

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