Literary linking #3


  1. The news that Harper Lee is to bring out a sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird 55 years after the publication of her Pulitzer-prize winning debut has set bibliophiles a-buzzing. Go Set a Watchman will be released in the summer, I think.
  2. It appears that James Joyce’s Ulysses played havoc with the mind of great thinker and psychologist Carl Jung, as evidenced by this beautifully-put letter from the one to the other. I’ve never read Ulysses and long ago decided it probably wasn’t for me, for a whole host of reasons (although mostly just too many books, too little time). Now I’m quite sure.
  3. Helen Macdonald’s H is for Hawk has been named Costa book of the year. Sometimes it feels as if books follow me around. It’s hardly surprising that a book as widely acclaimed as this has been so prominently displayed in every bookshop I’ve been into over the last few months, but I seem predisposed to notice it above many other books. So I’m going to take that as a sign and finally get around to reading it this year.
  4. I’m all for a heated literary debate. But I think this is going too far…
  5. I recently stumbled on this piece of news from late last year, an article detailing Michel Faber’s plans to stop writing novels after the death of his wife. It’s so terribly sad. I had wanted to read The Book of Strange New Things but I didn’t know much about it and now I’m a little afraid to. I’m not sure I could handle a grief that raw.

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